How To Play

How to play

What is game
of 1000 boxes?

Part live game show, part audio-visual thrill ride – Game of 1000 Boxes is a brand new social gaming experience in NYC. You and your friends team up IRL for a rollercoaster of high-energy party games that test collective wits, gut instincts, and button-finger agility.

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A Team experIence

The thrill of winning. The agony of defeat. The raw power of teamwork. With up to 32 simultaneous players––each wielding their own buzzer––teams face off in groups of 4, guided by a live host.

Come with 3 friends to make a full team - or come with a friend and we'll pair you up with another team of 2!

Immersive Gameplay

Step into our projection-mapped venue, drenched in 360° visuals, for a 1-hour long experience with a dozen ever-evolving games. No two shows are exactly the same, with a narrative of twists and turns that go from raucous to sublime. Easy to play, but maybe impossible to master.

The event space
Box 1000 Graphic

BOX 1000

At the end of each show, the highest scoring team wins one of our mystery boxes––and whatever dumb prize* is inside. After 999 shows, the top teams will have a chance to claim the dumbest honor of all: Box 1000.

*negligible value, entertainment purposes only